Dra. Marta Gaivão

T: (+351) 282 340 250
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Nationality: Portuguese
Occupational field: Trainee lawyer

2013 – Attended a Post-Graduate Course in Criminology and Criminal Investigation at the Institute for Further Education Manuel Teixeira Gomes
2012 – Completion of Law Degree at the Institute for Further Education Manuel Teixeira Gomes with final average of 14
2003-2007 – Attended Law School at the Law Faculty, Coimbra University
2003 – Conclusion of Secondary education in the área of Humanities at the Padre António Martins Oliveira Secondary School in Lagoa with a final average of 15.6

Professional Experience
Since October 2012 – Intern at J. Plácido Santos & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados, RL

Personal and linguistic Skills
Spoken Portuguese, English, Spanish, German and French

German Course – A2 Level (Grundstufe II), at the International House Berlin Prolog with Gut (good) – 2008

Others Skills
Participant in the Autumn Conference “Economic, Social and Cultural Laws” at the Law Faculty, Coimbra University which took place on 9 December 2004;
Participation in the Labour Law Lecture “The Revised Labour Law” by Drª Maria da Glória Leitão, which took place on 8 March 2010 at ISMAT, Portimão;
Participation in the Tax Laws Conference “Taxes double the income: New perspectives”, by Professor Doctor Rui Duarte Morais, on 19 March 2010 at ISMAT, Portimão; 
Particpant in the First Sessions of Penal Law, organised by ISMAT, Portimão on 15 October 2010;
Participation in the Luso-Brazilian Sessions “Cybercriminality and Information Security” which too place on 22 June 2011 at ISMAT.

2009/2010 - Member and co-founder of NEDISMAT (Law Students Nucleus at ISMAT)
2010/2011 – Member of the General Assembly of the ISMAT Academic Association