Company History


The origins of “J. Plácido e Associados – Law Firm” date back to 1988 when Dr. José Plácido Santos left his home town of Coimbra and made his way south, and settled in the town of Lagoa, Algarve.

Initially, and in association with a colleague, he acquired and managed an English Notary. This opened up the opportunity to get to know and master the foreign investment market, particularly with regard to English clientele. Having successfully managed the transition from a partnership to his own individual practice, business grew in both terms of volume and nature of business, as well as the variety of nationalities of its clientele. In 1990 the practice was fused together with those of his colleague and partner into a law firm with offices in Albufeira, Lagoa and Porto.

In 1993, in a partnership agreement, José Plácido Santos left that law firm in order to open his own independent practice in Lagoa, accompanied by some of the personnel and clients from his prior practice. Since that time the law firm has grown in all areas; personnel, clientele and fields, now with associate lawyers and offering services to an ever-increasing multinational client base.

And so, in 2001 “J. Plácido & Associados – Sociedade de Advogados” was established. The law firm was created with its foundation based on knowledge, prestige and the quality and reliability of its (then) three partners, as well as the excellent cohesive friendly and functional relationship between all collaborators. In 2011, the law firm underwent a transition with the departure of one of the partners and the current structure of lawyers – partners and associates, interns, secretaries and support staff – was defined.

J. Plácido Santos & Associados, Soc. De Advogados, RL was established and continues to practice under the motto “We don’t promise that which we know we cannot achieve and, that which we promise, we achieve”. The intended image reflects the honesty, dedication, competence and responsibility we provide in exchange for reasonable fees. The practice is renowned for its credibility in the marketplace in which it provides services in five languages (Portuguese, English, German, Dutch and French), generally in the legal area of Portuguese law, with strong relations in the international private legal marketplace and other foreign jurisdictions. To this end we collaborate with both national and international partners in all areas of the judicial universe.

The law firm has its own offices in the Largo 5 de Outubro, nº 9-10, 1st Floor, in Lagoa.

The law firm and its partners have been bold enough to master a market different from the norm, and with the vicissitudes of these projects they were capable of growing the company and made a mark of quality in both the national and international markets. The only limit to this evolution is the scrupulous compliance of its obligations and prestige and the constant pursuit of success and complete client satisfaction.